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Pivot is turning point, changing perspectives and finding new ways of being. From complicated fashion to multipurpose fashion, focused on versatility, to the essence of simplicity, conscious of consumption and sustainable.

Pivot goes beyond the concept of capsule wardrobe; it is expanding this movement in its many possibilities!


And the BEST: now avaible to mommys! :)

Our Maternity line is designed to meet the growing demand for an increasingly authentic motherhood, taking into account practicality, versatility and embrace.

The Pivot Maternity Skirt accompanies pregnancy and gently adapts again in the postpartum, so that Pivot can be worn well beyond 9 months.

Pivot skirts are available in 3 versions (short, midi and long) and they have as their most basic use the shape of skirt, allowing for other uses: dress / gown and waistcoat. Its design is geared to the wearer's experience, resulting in user-friendly clothing for different occasions.


The Pivot skirts are uniques:

-Our pieces are tailor-made with sophisticated fit.

-The waistband is anatomically reinforced internally, increasing part durability and firmness of the moorings.

-The body of the skirt has no seams, making the models even more elegant!

Our resident fabrics are: Viscose Knit and Crepe Bubble.

Periodically we release capsule collections of other fabrics. Check out!


Our Lines:

MATERNITY - pregnant fashion, for women-mothers seeking an increasingly welcoming, practical and versatile motherhood experience.

LIFE- Essential, minimalist fashion for a lighter, more authentic life! In numbering 1 (S-M) and 2 (S-G), and in SHORT, MIDI, and LONG lengths. Know it!

Whats: +55(11)98129-2862

Compra 100% segura                Entrega para todo Brasil  e exportação                      Até 3x sem juros! Parcelamento no cartão via PagSeguro

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